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Our Team

Adeptrix has assembled a team of scientists with expertise in the areas of mass spectrometry, protein engineering, biophotonics, optical imaging and medical device development.

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The company was established to commercialize the MSBeadArray™ technology, which enables the use of MALDI TOF mass spectrometry imaging to perform high-throughput scanning of biological microarrays.
Bead-conjugated peptides and
     peptide bead arrays
Microarray slides optimized for
     mass spectrometric and optical
Reagents for the Bead-to-Chip™
     sample transfer

Numerous applications can be implemented on the MSBeadArray™ platform including:

enzyme specificity profiling
enzyme substrate identification
peptide - protein interactions
quantification of protein expression


We invite collaborators interested in the development of mass spectrometric bead screening technologies. For a limited time we are able to provide individual components of the MSBeadArray™ kits free of charge to selected customers.

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